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20 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Health, Can Prevent Cancer!

The benefits of dragon fruit can overcome chronic diseases, improve intestinal health, and increase immunity thanks to the abundant and low-calorie nutrients. This fruit is also high in fiber and various vitamins and minerals including manganese and iron. More fully described the benefits of other dragon fruit below.

List of Dragon Fruit Benefits for Body Health

Dragon fruit consists of 5 types, but the popular one is white and red flesh dragon fruit. In addition to refreshing, this one fruit has benefits that are very good for the body. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consume it regularly. Well, here are the benefits of dragon fruit which is good for your body’s health:

1. Lose weight

The benefits of the first dragon fruit are able to lose weight. Keep in mind that dragon fruit content is very high in protein, but you want fat and carbohydrates. Of course this fruit can be the right snack choice for those of you who are on a diet program.

2. Lower cholesterol

Dragon fruit contains B3 which is good for lowering cholesterol levels. Therefore, the benefits of dragon fruit will be felt by people with high cholesterol if consumed regularly.

Eating dragon fruit regularly can also prevent stroke and coronary heart disease due to cholesterol levels that are too high.

3. Overcoming diabetes

Not only useful for people with high cholesterol, the benefits of red dragon fruit can be felt by diabetics. The taste is sweet at all because of the glucose content, it will not adversely affect diabetics.

4. Increase stamina

When the seasons change or transition, it’s a good idea to eat fruits. In this regard, the high antioxidant and vitamin content of red dragon fruit is actually able to increase our stamina so we don’t get sick easily.

5. Relieves sore throats and canker sores

When you have a sore throat and canker sores you certainly feel bad eating and drinking. Pain in the mouth and throat also makes us prefer to hold back hunger rather than having to eat. Have you experienced it or often?

Well, then consume red dragon fruit!

The content of red dragon fruit which is rich in vitamin C is certainly very effective to cure and treat canker sores and sore throats. In addition, the soft texture will ease the work of the mouth and throat.

6. Relieves asthma

People with asthma will certainly feel tormented when they relapse. Maybe you know there are many treatments for asthma. Well, if you have asthma and want good treatment, just consume dragon fruit regularly.

Vitamin B3, one of the ingredients of dragon fruit is also proven to be able to relieve asthma. Therefore, this fruit is very good for consumption when relapsing or better if consumed regularly so that asthma does not recur.

7. Relieve coughing

Vitamin B3 which is in the content of red dragon fruit can also relieve stubborn coughing. The benefits of this red dragon fruit will be very useful, considering that coughing is a disease that is difficult to cure even after taking medication.

If you cough and don’t recover, try to balance it by eating dragon fruit. Remember, this dragon fruit helps relieve and prevent it, so you still need to take cough medicine

8. Stabilize high blood pressure

Nutritional content in dragon fruit is also very good for people with high blood pressure. Vitamin B3 can play a role in stabilizing blood pressure if we consume it regularly.

9. Improve digestion

Have digestive problems?

It’s better to start considering eating dragon fruit regularly. The content of dragon fruit fiber is proven to be so high that it can facilitate digestion. Therefore, consume dragon fruit regularly every day.

10. Strengthens the heart

The heart is one of the important organs, but many also experience heart disease. Actually, this deadly disease can be avoided early in various ways, namely eating healthy foods and exercising.

The content of the phytochemical captin in the dragon fruit plays a role in strengthening the heart. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to consume dragon fruit regularly from now on.

11. Prevent osteoporosis

One of the benefits of red dragon fruit that can be felt in the long term is preventing osteoporosis or bone loss. This is supported by the presence of organic calcium in the content of dragon fruit.

12. Prevent cancer

The other benefits of dragon fruit are preventing cancer because it contains very high antioxidants. This content will be able to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.

Cancer prevention is certainly not only by consuming dragon fruit, but also needs to be balanced with a healthy lifestyle. You still have to pay attention to food intake and also balance it with exercise.

13. Prevent early aging

Apparently there is also the efficacy of dragon fruit for beauty, which slows premature aging. This, of course, will certainly be proven if you regularly consume dragon fruit. A high antioxidant content will help tighten the skin and regenerate damaged skin cells.

14. Prevent anemia

The nutritional content of iron-rich dragon fruit is good for increasing hemoglobin levels in anemia sufferers. This dragon fruit content also helps produce red blood cells, which then helps in the proper oxygenation of vital organs.

15. Helps hair care

Adding dragon fruit to your daily diet helps keep hair healthy and shiny. Large amounts of nutrients help reduce damage to the hair by chemicals present in hair dyes. It also helps improve the texture and restore the shine of your hair.

16. Healthy eyes

According to research published in the journal Food Chemistry, the content of beta-carotene in this fruit helps prevent macular degeneration and cataract formation by protecting the eyes from harmful free radicals.

17. Good for pregnancy

Dragon fruit is beneficial for pregnant women because it contains iron, B vitamins and folate. Studies show that iron helps prevent hemoglobin deficiency and also in preventing anemia. Vitamin B and folate help prevent birth defects and increase energy.

The mild laxative properties of dragon fruit also help soften feces and regulate bowel movements. In addition, the calcium content in it helps the development of fetal bones, so it is very helpful for healthy pregnancy.

18. Improve brain intelligence

Dragon fruit contains vitamin B and is rich in vitamin C, both of which help keep cell membranes healthy. This vitamin activity can help prevent cognitive disorders and maintain brain function!

19. Treat acne

Acne is usually caused by oily skin which is marked in the early days of puberty, sometimes the appearance of pimples until you turn 30. Really annoying right?

Relax, now there is a natural solution that can be tried. You can use white flesh dragon fruit masks, because they contain lots of vitamin C.

How, puree ¼ dragon fruit using a fork. Then apply using a cotton ball to the surface of the pimpled facial skin to avoid spreading bacteria from the hand. If it’s been 20 minutes, rinse it using warm water. Do this method twice every week for perfect, acne-free skin.

20. Other health benefits

Red dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and has a high fiber content. This fruit is also a good source of potassium and phosphorus, as well as other minerals and vitamin B complex. Red dragon fruit is rich in protein, antioxidants (from betacyanins), lycopene, and carotene.

The benefits of dried red dragon fruit even have ten times thanks to the nutrition of fresh fruit. The benefits of dragon fruit include lightening the skin and protecting the skin from ultraviolet damage.

11 Benefits of Mung Bean for Male and Female Fertility

There are so many types of nuts in Indonesia, one of which is green beans. Mung bean is one of the nuts that is not only beneficial for green bean porridge food, but green beans are beneficial for health beauty even to fertility for both women and men. The benefits of green beans are quite diverse, so it is very natural that green beans have many benefits that can be utilized for this reason. Therefore, on this occasion I will discuss more about the benefits of green beans for fertility:

1. Nourish red blood cells

In green beans contain iron which is one of the minerals that are important enough to help red blood cells develop and become healthy in the body therefore by consuming green beans, you will get iron which can make red blood cells become healthier.

2. Healthy Reproduction

With the presence of protein found in green beans it can help nourish the reproductive process in women. In addition to making reproduction healthy, green beans can balance the reproductive process so that it will work stably.

3. Fertility is maintained

At a young age fertility is very important. Based on a study it turns out fertility can be maintained properly when consuming iron containing enough minerals. So that in addition to fertility to be maintained, the immune system will be well preserved.

4. Maintain female fertility when pregnant

Another benefit that can be obtained from utilizing green beans is the fertility of women when they are pregnant. This will certainly make the baby in the womb a woman more healthy. The health obtained from the baby is because green beans contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for baby’s development.

5. Regulates reproductive hormones running well

Besides being beneficial for maintaining the content and nourishing the baby in the content of omega-3, it is also useful to increase reproductive hormones, when reproductive hormones run well, the process of producing in making offspring will be easier too. Therefore, for those of you who want descendants who can only make green beans as daily consumption. This of course aims to make reproductive hormones work properly so that they do not cause disability in infants.

6. Increase the ability of blood flow to the uterus

Blood in the uterus is needed. Because enough blood flow to the uterus can help the formation of the uterine wall so that the wall of the uterus becomes more sturdy. With the content of omega-3 found in green beans will form the formation of the building of the wall in the uterus, so that the walls of the uterus become stronger.

7. Reducing inflammation

Inflammation can happen to anyone and anywhere in the throat or stomach, but it turns out that inflammation that occurs in the pelvic area can increase a woman’s fertility to be reduced. Therefore it is very important to consume green beans to restore a woman’s fertility by healing and reducing inflammation in the pelvic region or area.

8. Helps increase egg white cervical mucus

In making love it is very important to increase the egg of white cervical mucus in the area of ​​female fertility, because the presence of mucus can help sperm reach the egg faster so that fertilization will occur quickly and the offspring can be created.

9. Normalize the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle can be abnormal for several reasons, even though I really determine a woman. Therefore it is important for women to consume foods that contain omega 3 to help normalize the menstrual cycle. One of the ingredients of omega-3 that can be utilized easily is by using green beans. Because the content of omega 3 in green beans is believed to be very effective for normalizing the menstrual cycle.

10. Pressing Ovulation

Again the content of omega 3 is very beneficial for fertility, it turns out the content of omega-3 is able to suppress ovulation so that it can support fertility for a woman. Not only that there are many other benefits that are very beneficial for women, especially for women’s fertility and female beauty.

11. Maintaining the Placenta

We know that the placenta is needed for a woman’s fertility, because it is needed to maintain the health of the uterus. Therefore it is very important to consume foods that contain lots of omega-3 so that the placenta becomes well preserved.

Those are some of the benefits that you can get from using green beans. In addition to containing omega-3 Mineral iron, green beans also contain other benefits that can be used for various types of diseases. In addition to increasing the fertility of green beans, it is believed to increase a woman’s beauty.

Naturally Eliminating Menstrual Pain Is Easy! 7 Food Solutions

Some of the characteristics of menstruation are body aches, fatigue, high levels of emotion and uncontrollable activities. Not infrequently, the stomach feels pain and cramps.

Currently there are many drugs that are sold freely with the effect of relieving pain during menstruation, but now you have an alternative. Based on research, there are some effective foods to relieve menstrual pain naturally, including:

Foods that can eliminate menstrual pain

  • Turmeric

Turmeric has been known for a long time as ginger which has the effect of relieving menstrual pain. There are several ways to enjoy turmeric. The first method is turmeric, which is already available in several herbal shops, you can just buy and enjoy it in the office. The second way is to mix it yourself with brown sugar and lime. This second way you should do at home.

  • Green beans

This one is the easiest food to consume. You can enjoy green bean porridge or green bean juice available at the supermarket. Green beans are very good for menstruation because they are effective in helping to shed blood so that it can reduce pain during menstruation.

  • Betel leaf

Betel leaves contain antibiotics that function to eliminate germs. It’s easy, you just simply boil water with betel leaves. After boiling, then cool for a while and drink when warm.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli is a vegetable that is rich in vitamins and iron. This iron will help launch menstruation so that the pain will slowly disappear.

  • Soy milk

Milk made from vegetable ingredients has a good vegetable protein content to relieve menstrual pain. In addition, other benefits of soy milk are very good for skin health.

  • Egg

Eggs can help maintain hormonal balance that comes out before menstruation, so that being able to maintain stability and will not feel painful when menstruation comes.

  • Salmon

The content of collagen, vitamin D, and several other vitamins contained in salmon is very good for maintaining your hormonal cycle. Salmon can be served deliciously into salmon, oyster sauce, salmon, red sauce, or fish steak that is suitable to be used as a provision for going to the office.

Natural Stone for Turning a Simple Home into a Luxury Display

Stone is an ancient construction material that is never worn out. Using natural stone motifs for the outer walls or decorations in the house will give a touch of elegance and luxury in your home.

Touch of natural stone can give your home a variety of appearances ranging from the impression of the Ancient World to super modern. All depends on the type of rock, how it is structured, and of course the color. Starting from the 19th century, many houses were built with stone materials and most of them still survive today.

So, how do you conjure up your simple house to look luxurious with a touch of natural stone? Here are some examples.

  • Home Porch with Natural Stone

You can put stones on the front of the house towards the terrace. This form of rural rock is widely used in European-style construction, for example in Italian villas and Tudor-style mansions. Medieval impressions that arise make this kind of design suitable for you who have an elegant taste. With a little touch and renovation, you can conjure up a simple house to be more stylish.

  • Exterior of the Mediterranean

Many old buildings use stone as the main material. However, modern architects add a touch of rock to get a beautiful, minimalist impression. You can add monochrome colored stones that are placed geometrically. Darken the color of the window to make it look more modern.

  • Touch of Natural Stone in the Interior

There is no need to make your whole house French-style to look elegant. You can attach various natural stones on an existing wall, for example at the entrance, in a small part of the kitchen, or on one side of the living room. Using rocks in this way gives you the opportunity to change your home to be more elegant without having to make major renovations.

  • Making natural stone as wall decoration

Having a house with wood shades doesn’t mean you have to give up on these beautiful natural stones. You can choose a small wall to decorate with matching pieces of wood with wood. You can also choose furniture such as tables or vases made from natural stones to support the interior design of your home.

  • Using Natural Rocks for House Fences

Want to keep using rocks without disturbing a house that has been built? You can choose this option: use natural stone as material for home fencing. In order for the color not to contrast, choose the color of the paint or the color of the stone that matches each other.

  • Using Natural Stone as a Home Buffer Material

Many people choose to design their front porch with natural stone. One of them is to install stones for pillars / pillars. Some types of stones that are commonly used are andesite stone grooves that in addition look sturdy also give the impression of a minimalist.

If you want a more varied color mix, you can choose Mosaic Wall Cladding that can be installed by combining several varied colors and natural patterns.

7 Beautiful Houses Made of Cement and Wood

Each home style is a different favorite. Even the materials used for house construction are also popular. Some people prefer concrete houses because of their solid strength. Some prefer wooden houses whose atmosphere and occupying experience have a different taste.

However, with modern technology various materials have become stronger, easier to use, and more. When studying the pros and cons of a certain period of time, with professional advice, such as architects, home builders or contractors, building a house project will be as easy as you want.

For those of you who have decided on your favorite home built from cement and wood, this can be a reference.

  • Wooden base with brick and mortar

This beautiful Russian-style house has a wooden background. But if you look at the base of the house, it can be found that this is connected to a stone mortar at the base of the house. To highlight a strong foundation can also reduce the soil water content that will be sent directly to the wood wall.

  • Two and a half lumber and half lime.

Houses with half thick wood on general contractors in the province. A wooden mortar struck in the country’s province. Downstairs is a large concrete house, ideal for use and a climate at home. The second floor of the house is made of relaxed wood.

  • The half-timber house is half lime

Half timber house and half lime. This time with a high base – the ground floor is separated. Many wonder how the combination of ingredients will look. This means that a cement house with wooden shutters can be popular or not.

But after returning from Brazil, we can say that this is not true. This is a concrete structure that can adjust to an unequal home area. The concrete base makes it easy to make and load a house more than just a wooden base.

  • Half Russell Athletic wood mortar

House Beautiful is the work of architect Zani Arquitetura from Brazil. This is a second house made of wood, plaster and brick to create a western country style house, called rustic style. The charm of traditional traditional forms in raw materials and construction, including concrete, wood, bricks makes these elements imprint every time. Masonry shows that this is a popular rustic style editor.

  • The house is half wood and half cement is cool

This house looks like a house from Japan that was built in a modern style on the main material, wooden floors and cement houses made of brightly colored wood. The relaxed atmosphere in some elements is reminiscent of traditional Japanese homes, such as a house floor built from cement. The result is a concrete wall that makes it so beautiful and cool, it looks contrasting with relaxation. Softness in wooden buildings looks smooth.

  • A house with beautiful side wooden boards

While this house has a concrete wall as it is that makes a difference to the floor of the house. On the other hand the designer of this two-story house from Korea chose to use wood to make it look different. The color, texture of the walls, floors made of wood make this house stand out even though white concrete looks simple.

However, designers also put wood in colors and textures that are similar to operators around the gate and on the roof that causes it to be connected so as to create a perfect beautiful home.

  • Half-timber half-mortar house with backyard, and each post

This photo is the back of the house that allows us to see the structure of a house built from a mixture of wood and cement. The bottom of this concrete house was made to strengthen the old house. This house is located on top of the veranda hill yard which is located on the lower road when passing it. The land was handled by almost 45 architects from Shibuya. The design of the house is designed to build a concrete base to support this structure at the top of the wood that is not yet beautiful. The surface of the concrete wall is visible from the road. We can see how this wooden house looks from behind.

6 Tiny Style Houses in a Rural Cottage

If you dream of a small house surrounded by a green garden, away from the noise of the city, here are some charming houses surrounded by beautiful nature in the form of a fabled home-style garden to become your home renovation idea. The existence of beautiful architecture and experts working on these houses can be your inspiration.

  • Peaceful house and soft atmosphere

This small but cozy house is surrounded by a wooden garden fence. For anyone who seeks and prioritizes comfort, this one house offers a warm atmosphere close to nature.

  • Dream house surrounded by wooden garden fences

Having a beautiful view when stepping through the stone path that leads to the house, passing through a beautiful park makes anyone feel happy and become the dream of some people. The house is surrounded by wooden fences, and you can find traces of classical style in its architectural model. Inviting garden with amazing and refreshing views and attractive curves.

  • A pool that refreshes the eyes

Placement of a pool beside the house will add to the comfortable atmosphere. What about this one house choice, where can you enjoy this charming little pool from this house to complement your dream home? This pool has flowering plants, and the pool is integrated with the atmosphere of the park in the open air and has a wide effect.The charm of home naturalist design.

  • The charm of home naturalist design

Stone house, surrounded by nature, invites nature by combining his house with beautiful plants and trees. Natural colors and textures give a wide impression. The stone texture that contrasts color is also the main attraction of this house.

  • Wooden house

The architecture of this mountain house is a simple and more traditional design because most of the walls are made of wood, a rustic cottage house placed on a rock bed. Wooden beams and boards are designed and arranged naturally. This house certainly brings the characteristic charm of a beautiful landscape at the foot of the mountain. The interior is a blend of traditional and modern elements, although more traditional than modern. Both of these complement each other and really enhance each other’s beauty. Its simplicity is able to deliver this house to the future, with sustainable design that utilizes environmentally friendly materials.

  • Peaceful and simple country house

Many people hope to be able to live in a house surrounded by nature and mountains far from the big city. You might even be tempted to enjoy a relief atmosphere and full of natural scenery, to enjoy a warm drink with loved ones close to nature, and to create a holiday atmosphere with a soothing atmosphere. A small, charming and simple residence will attract attention with the shape of the roof with a chimney connected with a fireplace, especially if you live in a small, cold, rural area.

6 Reasons Why You Should Decorate Your Simple Kitchen

Simple kitchen decor is one of the various types of decorations chosen by small families or new families who want to have a dream home. In general, simple kitchen decor will be a choice by small families. Because many think this type of kitchen is the right choice.

Simple kitchen decor is also one type of decoration that suits the needs of a small family or a new family. Because in general small families only use this kitchen as a place to cook and provide food only in the morning and evening. Because many small families will be more active outside the home.

Why Must Be A Simple Kitchen Decoration

Here are some benefits that you can get if you choose this one decoration in the kitchen that you have. This one kitchen is just perfect for a new family. You can get various other benefits from this one decoration:

Provide comfort

One of the advantages that you can get from a simple kitchen decor is that you can be more comfortable when you do various activities in your kitchen. Because in a kitchen that you have simply decorated can make you save more energy when you do activities in a simple kitchen compared to a kitchen that is decorated with large sizes.


Another advantage that you can get from this one kitchen decoration is the cost of making this one kitchen decoration will be much cheaper when compared to kitchen decorations that have a larger size. Because generally the cost you need to make a large kitchen decor is bigger than a simple kitchen decor.

It's easier to remember the place of goods

One other advantage that you can get from a simple kitchen decor is that you will find it easier to remember where you put the various kitchen utensils that you might need at a certain time. So you don’t need to be confused to look for it.

It's easier to clean

Another advantage that you will find from a simple kitchen is that you don’t need more energy when you want to clean the kitchen you have. Because the smaller size in your kitchen will be easier to clean and can also save time for cleaning.

More efficient

Efficiency is the right word if a new partner uses this one decoration. Because many new couples have outdoor activities.

Can be used as another unique decoration space

Who says simple decoration is only a monotonous color and that decoration object is that? Precisely from the simplicity offered, you can emphasize other spaces for other unique decorations. This simple decoration can only be used as a complement to the unique decoration. But if you are looking for comfort and efficiency, you should use this simple decoration as the main decoration.

There are many other benefits that you can get if you choose to make simple kitchen decorations that you can use instead of the old kitchen decorations that you already have. So you don’t need to hesitate to make a choice for your kitchen.

Interesting Ideas for Your Home Terrace

Access to the house is not just the front door. But also the area that connects the path outside with the front door. Usually this area is a terrace, or not. To beautify this area you need to choose a design that both features a garden, walkway, terrace and front door.

In this idea book you will find 15 design examples for the terrace floor and the area around the entrance. Some are a continuation of the trail. There is also a direct entrance. One of them you like.

  • Granite, elegant and traditional floors

Granite is a material that has long been used as a floor. Granite floors that have been polished are durable, strong and easy to handle. Easy to clean, resistant to friction, and does not leave marks if we drag objects on it. Granite floors are also not easy to absorb water and are not easy to mold. All these qualities make the granite flooring worthy of your choice.

  • Modern white concrete floor

In this picture the floor on the terrace functions like a path. Wide, up and down concrete slabs aim to bridge the gap between the roadside and the house. White cement is used as a finishing touch to make the concrete slab appear flexible.

Equipment used to smooth the surface of this concrete floor must be clean and not rusty. You should be careful when polishing this kind of floor, because a little blotch can stain this white floor. Polish the pores on the surface so that the floor does not easily wear out. If you don’t have time, you can order concrete slabs with experts. Installation of the floor is carried out in the final stages of building a house.

  • Rustic wood and stone

This is a design that will make your home look unique. The alloy of stone and wood is a rustic touch for a modern home. We recommend that you take care of wood slabs regularly so that they are not mossy and durable. The stones around the wooden slab should be small, so that they can fill the space between the wooden slabs with each other.

  • Gray stone floor

Andesite natural stone floors of various different sizes can be combined into an attractive stretch of terrace floor. The color of the natural stone floor does not have to be the same, as long as it has the same shades of gray.

  • Beautiful rustic floor at the front door

If your residence is traditional, this is the terrace design that suits you. A flat terrace and a variety of rustic floors are ideal choices. In this picture we see round floors combined with large stone tiles. An interesting composition in which large stone slabs are surrounded by medium and small plates. You can also create other geometric shapes here.

  • Clay floor

Clay floors can be used to bring a rustic or modern touch. Depends on knick-knacks and the overall design of your house’s facade.

  • Round stone floor

This kind of floor is made of various different materials. Can be from cement or concrete. It can also be from round cut stones, such as paving. Making the entrance to the house from this material is carried out in several stages and requires experts.

  • Clay and natural stone floors

Clay tiles have natural and exotic colors. Besides that, it also has good resistance, so it is suitable to be applied outdoors

Classic and charming house model

With its development, the popularity of modern residential styles did not make the classic home design lose its fans. In addition, there are still many homeowners who still choose to apply classic home design as their home’s identity and character. In fact, many also use a more simplified classic home design style to follow the trends. The goal is that the impression of warm and intimate among residents of the house can still be present in that place.

Classical home design most often refers to homes that have strong connections with classical Greek and ancient Roman architecture.

The classic luxury house design has intricate details on the facade, entrance, window and roof. You might find classic details such as fluted columns, coffered ceilings (concave panels on the ceiling), or windows framed with molding details.

Some of the houses below are authentic examples of these classic European house styles or that are very influenced by them. Everything is unique, but follows the following principles of typical architectural expressions.

Model of the Early Classical Revival House

This authentic modern example of an early classical revival model includes a dominant two-story terrace supported by Tuscan columns with a second-floor balcony and balustrades that blend into columns and very complicated cornice details. Links to Greek and Roman temples and other monuments that have survived for centuries are clear. Symmetry and proportions and compositions repeat through window and door openings. In addition, ornaments are the key.

located in downtown Natchez, Mississippi, the Stanton Hall which was founded in 1859 became a focal point. Every extraordinary detail, including tall columns and iron balconies characterizes early classical revival home models.

Key element

High column and pediment. The ancient Greek temple model, with its row of tall columns and pediments, the triangular shaped front under the roof, are two of the most characteristic characteristics of this historic house's design style.
Two-storey terrace. These dominant terraces are supported by Tuscan columns with second-floor balconies and balustrades that blend into the column.
Symmetry and proportion. Repeated compositions, but remain symmetrical through window and door openings, and ornaments.
Molding. More complicated and bold, molding along the interior and exterior of the house, is characteristic of the classic classical classical revival home model.
Ornament details. The classic luxury house model can add more complicated details like the cornice.

In some modern homes we can see the expression of early classical revival house models, especially in compound plans. The proportions and compositions repeat through window and door openings, the ornaments are entirely symmetrical, and balanced in a more complicated form than other examples.

Greek Revival House Model

This classic luxury home model can be distinguished from the classic early classical revival house model with a prominent cornice design, a series of detailed carvings under the roof trim, the more modern Greek revival home model presents profile details that are simpler than previous examples of the early classical, but stick to the formal expression of that style.

Completed in 1823, Rosalie Mansion has the characteristics of a central hall, high exterior columns and a front porch from the classic Greek revival luxury home model.

Key Element

High column and pediment. Ancient Greek temple models, with a high row of columns and pediments with simpler details than early classical revival house models.
Painted exterior walls. Although the buildings and ruins in Greece are all made of stone, the classic Greek revival style of modern house design is not the case. This classic European house model is made of wood cladding and covered in plaster, then painted white to create the illusion of stone.
Horizontal bovenlight. There is a bovenlight that is above the front door, not like a fanlight on the previous period house model.
Molding. Simple but bold, molding along the interior and exterior of the house, also represents the appearance of the classic Greek revival luxury home model.
Ornament details. Luxurious classic house models can add more detail, such as roof windows on the second floor, with pilasters and pediments.

The classic Greek revival house model was very popular in the mid-19th century, and many townhouses and classic luxury homes in urban areas were made with this classic house model, similar to the one shown here.

One of the four-storey townhouses in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, which was originally built in 1844, represents elegance and perfection that is synonymous with Greek revival style.

In the model of a classic Greek revival house that has been restored with giant proportional columns, we can see the entrance is not in the center. Note the proportions carefully considered and the following asymmetrical building designs.

Some of the development of the modern classical Greek revival home model began to leave the elements of giant columns or pediments that were the hallmark of this architecture, as in some of the following classic luxury houses.

Neoclassical House Model

The neoclassical house model can be divided into three main types. An ancient temple-style building, the Palladian building is based on the construction style of Palladio (Renaissance Architecture) villas and classic block buildings.
Model of the Palladio Dra-style neoclassical house

Classic temple style models are rarely found in the Renaissance; the architects of that period focused primarily on applying classical elements to churches and modern buildings (eg palazzo, villa). Temple-style architecture mushroomed in Neoclassical times, thanks largely to a wider introduction to classic building ruins. Many temple-style buildings display peristyle (a continuous line of columns around the building), which is rarely found in Renaissance architecture.

There are distinctive differences between the typical Greek and Roman architectural styles that made the architects deliberately designed the original Greek, original Roman, or Greco-Roman hybrids. The three choices proved popular.

An amazingly magnificent, ten-thousand-square-foot neoclassical home design was founded by Isaac Jenkins Mikell in the early 1850s, a very prosperous cotton grower. The giant columns support the monumental portico, each of which has a carved head in detail.

The neoclassical home model has several characteristics that determine:

Key element

Symmetry. Form and balance dominate the neoclassical style, which refers to the rules of Greek proportions used in art and architecture.
A giant freestanding column. The two-storey front terrace is supported by rows of columns, usually in Doric style and always even.
The complicated main door. The main door often has a decorative and pedimental element, a triangular part found above the door.
Typical window. Each window has a double-leaf window frame, often divided into six or eight panels. Windows are always placed symmetrically on the facade of the house and are usually flanked by shutters.

Classical Style Concept in Modern Houses

While modernists promote minimal ornamentation, they also combine classical philosophy about order, proportion, and repetition. Although this house is clearly modern, it is not difficult to see its resemblance to other classic house examples in terms of organization and mass.

The following house is an amalgamation of various historical references, some classical and vernacular, and medieval and modern. The height of this building describes classical symmetry, balance and mass; steep roof adopts medieval home design; and minimalist details finally define it as modern.

Garden Lighting Design Tips

To make the garden look beautiful at night, of course you will need additional lighting in the form of garden lights. Highlight lights that lead to tree trunks or fish ponds will give an aesthetic touch to your garden.

Not only that, the park which is equipped with bright lighting is able to provide security and directions for a large yard.

Generally lighting designed from the beginning of the construction of the house will blend with the lighting of the building facade and the terrace of the house.

However, if your house is not equipped with garden lights, you can design and install it yourself. Check out the following tips before installing lights in your garden.

Determine the Mounting Point

To find out which is the right point to put a garden light, try going around the park and notice the part you want to highlight.

There is nothing wrong with sketching or photographing your garden to get clearer illustrations.

For example, want to light a tall tree with a spotlight, then aim the lights around the bottom of the tree that is pointing up.

While if you want to reflect the emission of pond water, you can put lights that are planted in the area of ​​a fish pond or pond.

Pay Attention to Lighting Techniques

After finding the right installation point, there are several techniques that can guide you to direct the lights to the object to bring more dramatic effects.

Spot Lighting: by highlighting the part you want to highlight. You do this by putting focus light (highlight) from the top or direction of the object.
Second, namely the technique of up lighting or the placement of lights that are highlighted upwards. Usually the focus illuminated in this technique is an object whose shape is elongated.
To give the impression of being dramatic, silhouette techniques or displaying a silhouette can also be applied by placing a spotlight behind the tree.
There are also moon lighting techniques that highlight trees from top to bottom, but use more scattered rays of light, such as moonlight.
The shadow of the tree and its branches will be reflected in a flat field below which gives a romantic impression.
Finally, shadow lighting techniques are used to reinforce the impression of shade on the tree. You do this by placing lights from the side of the tree or plant objects.

Choose Energy Saving Lights

The selection of energy-efficient LED lights is the right choice for home and minimalism. This lamp can be equipped with a sensor system day and night, or using a dimmer system. LED lights with solar power systems which are now widely sold on the market. The way it works is to absorb sunlight in the daytime to become an energy reserve at night.

Although it is durable, easy to install and move, this lamp also has several disadvantages. Among other things, it does not have a light beam as bright as an electric lamp, besides that the model is also relatively uniform on the market.

Adjust to the Park Concept

There are several models of garden lights that are of course adapted to the concept of the park that you have created.

For parks that need more light intake, halogen type garden lights can give a dramatic impression and bring out the original colors of objects that are subject to light for your garden.

However, avoid choosing lights with white light such as neon, because the original color of the object looks unclear, even the object will look paler. In addition to the types of halogen lamps, you can also choose the type of spotlight lights.

This lamp has good lighting quality, so it fits perfectly in a large tropical garden.

You can direct this lamp towards plants that have interesting shapes. Place the lamp near the object so that it will look contrast in the part directly subject to light and dark shadows from the leaves and stems behind it.

Good care

As good or as expensive as any lights and arrangements that you choose, still need regular maintenance.

Because it is located outdoors, the garden lights are relatively faster dull. For that, clean the light bulb from dust and dirt regularly.

Also trim trees or shrubs that have begun to cover the lights. To be more durable, you can also install a lamp house with a grill on the lamp that is placed below.