9 Most Ideal Homes for Many Dream Designs

Having a dream home is not easy, because there are so many factors that must be considered. You need to find a strategic location, adjust the size of the building and the number of floors, to the interior design and architecture.

The concept or style of design is so diverse and can vary depending on the area of ​​the building itself. When buying or establishing a dream home, make sure it suits your taste.

The first thing you need to determine is the design of the front (facade) and house paint. Bright or monochrome house paint tends to give a broad impression. Then, as much as possible attach natural elements at home, both inside and outside. No matter how small the land you have, present green plants at home.

In addition to building looks, the interior requires greater attention. Because in theory, residents spend 95% in the house. Dream house is a cool and comfortable home. Provides a warm atmosphere while there is cool air flowing at all times.

Here are 9 inspirational dream homes that are most liked by many people

  • One-story minimalist dream house

One-story houses are now sparse. Limited land area requires people and developers to make high-rise homes. But that does not mean the one-story house is not on the market. There are still many devotees. One-story homes are usually suitable for those who are not married, elderly, or newlyweds.

One-story house design is easier to design because the design elements that are considered tend to be less. If you have a large size land, this type of house is very suitable, because it can maximize the area as much as possible. Don’t forget to bring the garden so that the house feels fresh.

  • Two-story minimalist dream house

Many two-story houses are found in cluster housing. This type of house is suitable for small families, because the function of the room can grow as family members increase. The characteristic of a two-story minimalist house is to use concrete, following a basic shape (square), plain or without ornament, and using a maximum of two material combinations.

  • Modern dream house

Modern home design is often juxtaposed with a minimalist house. Although it can be justified, there are striking differences to separate the two designs. Modern houses have the shape of a triangular roof, while a minimalist house is identical to a roof without concrete (flat roof). Modern homes have good lighting sources with large window applications.

  • Dream house with a unique façade

The facade of a house plays an important role in the image of a house. The facade display shows the character of the inside of the house to suit the tastes of its inhabitants. Especially for modern home designs that have their own peculiarities. The modern design of a house is seen from its facade.

Facades of modern homes often show the inside of the house. This is because a clear and practical impression characterizes modern style. Therefore, the appearance of material is considered as one of the important conditions for making a facade of a house.

  • Two-story modern tropical dream house

Modern tropical homes are lined with images with open spaces, making it easy to give decorations, like furniture that suits your personality. A distinctive feature of modern tropical homes is having a roof, high ceilings, lots of openings, and climate responsiveness.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Pieces That Have Been Cut

When you go to supermarkets, you now find lots of vegetables and fruits that have been cut into pieces. Vegetables have been grouped to make it easier for you to cook vegetables, such as vegetable soup, vegetable tamarind, and others. The fruit has also been cut into small pieces, so you only have to eat it. Of course, this greatly facilitates you in the midst of your very many activities. However, are the vegetables and fruits that have been cut in the supermarket still good to buy?

Are cut vegetables and fruits still good to buy?

Many supermarkets offer cut vegetables and fruits for your convenience. On the one hand, this really facilitates your work, but on the other hand the cut vegetables and fruits certainly have different qualities than those that have not been cut. The following are some of the reasons why cut vegetables and fruits are not as good as uncut vegetables and fruit.

It’s not fresh

Freshness of vegetables and fruit that has been cut and not cut is certainly different. Cutting vegetables and fruits can cause damage to the cells in vegetables and fruit. So, this can lead to changes in the color, taste, texture, and moisture of vegetables and fruit. The water content in cut vegetables and fruits can certainly evaporate, so that it will reduce the humidity. This can also reduce the shelf life of vegetables and fruit.

Carrots that have been cut into small pieces certainly can not be stored for a long time compared to carrots that have been cut. Potatoes that have been cut can also experience browning. And, other changes can occur.

The nutritional content is a little lost

Cutting vegetables and fruits can also eliminate a little of the nutritional content. Loss of water content after cutting can interfere with the acid or base balance in some vegetables and fruits, so it can eliminate the nutritional content. Some vitamins and minerals that do not heat can also evaporate after vegetables and fruit are cut, such as vitamin C.

Risk of contamination

Vegetables and fruits that have been cut certainly store microorganisms in higher amounts compared to vegetables and fruits that are still intact. Cutting vegetables and fruits and the temperature during storage can cause the number of mesophilic aerobic microorganisms to increase. Even though cut vegetables and fruit are placed in an airtight container, the process during cutting can increase the number of microorganisms contained in them.

The process of cutting with a knife, placing vegetables and fruit in a container, contacting vegetables and fruit with handling hands, and other processes certainly increases the risk of vegetables and fruit for exposure to microorganisms. These microorganisms in vegetables and fruit can change the color, taste and texture of vegetables and fruit.


Buying vegetables and fruit that have been cut can indeed make it easier for you to process or eat it. However, cutting can reduce the quality of vegetables and fruit. For that, you should buy vegetables and fruits in full and then you can peel or cut them at home. Buying whole vegetables and fruits can also give you freedom when you want to use them because the shelf life is longer.

6 Highest Vitamin C Fruit, Apart from Oranges

During this time if asked what fruits contain vitamin C, our first answer is citrus fruit. In fact, oranges are not the fruit with the highest vitamin C content. Yes, it turns out the fruit that contains the highest vitamin C is guava fruit. The content of vitamin C in guava is 206 mg, higher than citrus fruits containing vitamin C of 59-83 mg per fruit.

Are there other fruits with high vitamin C content?

Itamin C is one of the important vitamins needed by the body, especially for the growth and repair of cells in bones, teeth, skin, and other tissues. In addition, vitamin C also has other roles, such as helping to increase iron absorption from plant-based food sources, helping to prevent cell damage so that it can reduce the risk of cancer, and also protect your body from various infections because vitamin C can help maintain the immune system .

Because of this important function, it’s no wonder our body needs a lot of vitamin C intake from food. One source of vitamin C is fruits. Not only oranges, there are many more fruits that contain vitamin C.

Some other fruits that contain vitamin C are:


Guava is the fruit that contains the highest vitamin C. As mentioned above, guava contains more than 200 mg of vitamin in one fruit, exceeding the content of vitamin C possessed by oranges.

Besides vitamin C, guava also contains lots of fiber. The fiber content in guava also exceeds the fiber content of oranges. You are advised to meet fiber requirements of 25 grams (for women) to 38 grams (for men) in a day.


Half of the papaya contains approximately 94 mg of vitamin C. This amount is slightly higher than the content of vitamin C in citrus fruits. Based on research, consumption of papaya can help brighten the skin and strengthen your bones. This can occur because of the high content of vitamin C in papaya fruit.

Besides vitamin C, papaya fruit is also rich in fiber, vitamin A, complex B vitamins (such as folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, and vitamin B1), potassium, and calcium. Because of its content, certainly papaya benefits the body, such as to facilitate digestion (fiber), maintain healthy skin and eyes (vitamin A), help the body’s metabolism (vitamin B complex), and control blood pressure (potassium).


Kiwi contains 84 grams of vitamin C per fruit. The content of vitamin C in kiwi fruit is also higher than the content of vitamin C in oranges. The high antioxidant content of vitamin C makes kiwi fruit can help the body fight infections and free radicals in the body.

Kiwifruit also contains vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin K. Whereas, the minerals contained in kiwifruit are potassium, manganese, iron, and magnesium. In addition, kiwi fruit is also a food source rich in omega 3 fatty acids, where omega 3 can help you reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.


Half a glass (125 ml) of strawberries contains 52 mg of vitamin C. A little below the vitamin C content in oranges, but strawberries still have many benefits for the body. Besides vitamin C, strawberries also contain anthocyanin and ellagic acid. Research shows that consuming strawberries can help prevent you from cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurological diseases.

Strawberry fruit is rich in antioxidants and also contains vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, manganese, fluorine, iron, and iodine, which are certainly very beneficial for our body.


As much as 39-49 grams of vitamin C are contained in half a glass (125 ml) of pineapple. Not much different from the content of vitamin C in strawberry fruit.

Besides vitamin C, pineapple is also famous for its bromelain content. Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that helps break down protein in food and reduces bloating, and can also act as an anti-inflammatory. Pineapple fruit also contains small amounts of vitamin B complex and vitamin A.


Less than the content of vitamin C in fruits above, the content of vitamin C in mangoes is 29 mg. Aside from being a source of vitamin C, mangoes are also a source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, and copper. Mangoes are also rich in fiber and phytonutrients, such as carotenoids and polyphenols. The polyphenol antioxidant compounds contained in mangoes are proven to help protect you from breast cancer and colon cancer.

When is the best and worst time to eat fruit?

Vegetables and fruit are types of food that must be included in your daily menu. The portion of vegetables and fruits recommended for adult consumption is 400-600 grams per day. Of this portion, 2/3 consists of vegetables and 1/3 consists of fruit. If analogous, in a day you are advised to consume 2.5 servings of vegetables (or equivalent to 250 grams) and 3 pieces of fruit (for example 3 medium-sized Ambon bananas, or 3 medium-sized citrus fruits)

What factors determine the best time to eat fruits and vegetables?

The work of our digestive system in processing food is one of the determinants when we have to eat fruit and vegetables.

Most fruits consist of fruit sugar, fructose. Since the first bite, the mouth will produce an enzyme that works to break down carbohydrates into easier-to-digest components. Furthermore, the work of carbohydrate-breaking enzymes in the stomach stops because the environment is too acidic. This process will continue in the small intestine to produce a simpler carbohydrate component so that it can be absorbed by the body.

Actually, fructose contained in the fruit itself is classified as simple carbohydrates. Then is it because it’s shaped so simple that the fruit is digested faster than other foods? Not necessarily, because there are still other components in the fruit, namely fiber, which can slow down the digestive process.

Different from vegetables. Vegetables have a more diverse nutritional content compared to fruit, because there are carbohydrates, proteins, and also fat in the vegetables you eat. Each nutrient undergoes a different process with different enzymes. With more variety of nutrients and more fiber, vegetables have a longer digestion time compared to fruit.

So when is the best time to eat fruit vegetables? The answer is anytime. You might be used to eating fruit vegetables at the same time as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This is fine as long as you can meet your daily fruit vegetable needs.

When should you be careful when eating fruit and vegetables?

If you look at how vegetables are digested, there are a number of situations where you might have to reconsider before deciding to eat vegetables and fruit.

Before exercising

You might want to eat more vegetables and fruits, especially if you are dieting. But if you want to exercise, you are not advised to eat fruit vegetables that are high in fiber. Because, fiber is long digested and can cause digestive problems if you exercise with a stomach that is still filled. Give a break of approximately 2-3 hours after eating new You can start exercising.

If you want fresh dishes before you start exercising, you can try fruits that are low in fiber such as bananas, or mix your favorite fruits into smoothies to make them easier to digest.

Before sleeping

Eating a serving of fruit salad complete with dressing may be your snack before bed. But this is not recommended, because then our body will work to produce insulin to maintain the stability of blood sugar that rises after consuming carbohydrates.

Increasing insulin will reduce the hormone melatonin, an important hormone that works when we are going to sleep. Make sure you eat at least 3 hours before bedtime so that your body can rest to the maximum.

When diarrhea

Although vegetables and fruit are good for health, consuming them when you are diarrhea can worsen the frequency of bowel movements. Fiber contained in fruit vegetables helps digestion become more smooth. This is certainly beneficial if you are in good health, but maybe you want to avoid this when you are diarrhea.

Not that you should not eat vegetables and fruit, you can choose the type of vegetable that has a low fiber content as an alternative.

Various myths about the right time to eat fruit

“You may not eat fruit in the morning on an empty stomach”

This may be done. Breakfast can be likened to ‘breaking fast’ after approximately 8 hours of eating nothing. The simple carbohydrate content in fruit can help you regain your energy.

However, a good breakfast according to the Ministry of Health recommendations consists of balanced amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. So, if you only eat fruit for breakfast, you might quickly feel hungry again.

“If you only eat fruit, your body will focus more on digesting nutrients”

Our body works uniquely, when food enters the digestive system, the enzyme released will be in accordance with the type of nutrient that is about to be digested. So our digestive system has been designed to digest various types of nutrients at one time because there is no one type of food that contains only one nutrient.

“Eating fruit with other foods will make flatulence”

Decomposition is a decomposition process that occurs because of bacterial action. When food enters our stomach, there are no enzymes and bacteria that can work because the environment is acidic, so it is not right to say the fruit can decompose first and the gas can cause bloating.

10 Exotic Fruits that Benefit Health

Are you a fan of fruits? Or are you very concerned about your diet and always diligently eating fruit? Fruit is indeed a food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Did you know, besides the fruits that you consume daily, there are lots of fruit variations that you can consume. The following exotic fruits are one of the choices. Exotic because these fruits only grow in certain countries. Not only that, the benefits for health are abundant. What are these fruits?


It may sound strange to your ears, this fruit is yellowish and shaped like a small plum. The yellow, orange, or white flesh is very rich in beta carotene. One glass of this fruit can meet almost half of your daily needs for vitamin A. In addition, this fruit also contains lots of fiber, vitamin B6, manganese and potassium.


Lychees are fruits that originate from the plains of South China. Red fruit with an uneven surface and slightly larger than cherry is widely used as a flavor enhancer in snacks, desserts, and gelatin. One glass of this fruit contains twice your daily needs for vitamin C. In addition, it also contains high antioxidants, which can help prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and aging.


Small fruit that is still in the citrus family is very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Because of the sweet taste of the skin, you can eat this fruit directly without having to peel it. Besides being more practical, another advantage is that you can consume all the nutrients contained in the skin.

According to the latest research, foods that contain lots of oranges can help prevent cell damage from oxidants and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Adding kumquat to your diet can help prevent the flu as well.


Mangosteen fruit has often been used to treat wounds and skin infections. Some compounds in this fruit can be effective against certain bacteria and fungi. A recent study showed that mangosteen might prevent the growth of cancer cells. However, this research has not yet been proven in humans.

Mangosteen fruit is also widely sold in the form of supplements and juices that are effective for reducing pain and inflammation. However, the Mayo Clinic states that more research is still needed to support this.

Buddha’s hand

Ever heard of the hand of Buddha or Buddha’s finger? This exotic fruit from China and India is shaped like a finger, just like a human hand. Fruit which is still included in the citrus family has an acidic taste like lemon. In their home country, namely China, this fruit is used as a symbol of happiness and longevity. Apart from being often used as decoration, this fruit can also be enjoyed as a dessert. Recent studies show that this fruit has properties to relieve migraines.


A glass of star fruit contains about one third of your daily vitamin C needs. This sweet fruit contains many phytochemicals that are very useful for health. Add starfruit to your food to get optimal efficacy.

Dragon fruit

This fruit is probably the most famous exotic fruit for its health benefits. When the fruit is split, the reds and yellows are stunning and the green scales look like they are filled with delicious vanilla bean ice cream. Besides its beautiful color, dragon fruit also has a high nutritional content. This fruit contains many micronutrients such as antioxidants and polyphenols. Dragon fruit skin is currently being investigated to prove whether this fruit can also be used to slow or stop melanoma cell growth.


Large in size, this fruit also has amazing benefits! In addition, Jackfruit is a good source of vitamin C, manganese, potassium and copper. In addition, the fiber and sugar content can be useful as a prebiotic to support the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Jackfruit also has a balanced protein and starch content. This makes jackfruit a nutritious ingredient that is often used in various types of food in Asia. This fruit contains many phytonutrients that function as anti-cancer substances, antiaging, and regulate blood pressure.

Apple pear

This unique fruit has a crunchy texture like an apple and tastes like a pear. The fiber content that is able to meet one-third of your daily needs makes this fruit a healthy snack. In addition, this fruit also contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.

Pomelo aka grapefruit

This fruit is very rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber that can protect you from various chronic diseases. The largest type of citrus family can grow very large to the size of a basketball. Traditionally, this fruit is usually used to treat heart and digestive problems.

4 Benefits of Mangosteen You Need to Know

The popularity of mangosteen, which may have increased in recent years because of its extracts and its jingle that is pleasant to hear, did not necessarily affect the health benefits of the mangosteen itself if consumed. Here are some of the benefits of mangosteen fruit that you should know.

Benefits of mangosteen for health

Antioxidants, which are known to be able to control the effects of free radicals on the body, were found also contained in the mangosteen fruit. Xanthones are substances that have the same ability as antioxidants, which are found in almost all parts of the mangosteen, as alpha-mangostin and gamma mangostin. Although it can be found in a number of other plants, mangosteen is a plant with the most xanthones.

  • Overcoming cancer

Research conducted by Kritsanawong successfully revealed that alpha-mangostin extracted from the mangosteen fruit was able to inhibit the occurrence of breast cancer. This is because alpha-mangostin has the ability to inhibit abnormal cell growth that causes cancer development. Generally alpha-mangostin is consumed in the form of food supplements.

The research was supported by a study conducted by Wang JJ who added that ethanol extract produced from the mangosteen wall was able to overcome skin cancer. This is because the results of the ethanol extract have the ability to counteract the effects of skin cancer.

  • Overcome allergies

Research conducted by Nakatani revealed that one of the benefits of mangosteen fruit is being able to fight allergies. This is because the extract from the mangosteen fruit is able to inhibit histamine release (the cause of the body itching during allergies) and prostaglandin synthesis (the cause of the body being inflamed when allergic).

  • Overcome inflammation

Research conducted by Chen LG successfully revealed that having alpha and gamma mangostin is one of the benefits of mangosteen fruit, especially in its activity against inflammation. The alpha and gamma mangostin contained in the mangosteen fruit has the ability to inhibit the production of nitric oxide, a gas that can worsen the inflammatory conditions in your body.

  • Anti-bacterial

A study conducted by Suksamrarn said that xantone possessed by the mangosteen fruit can prevent the body from being attacked by tuberculosis. This is because alpha and beta mangostin mangosteen fruit can slow the rate of mycobacterium tuberculosis which causes tuberculosis in the body, so that the concentration in the body decreases.

However, be careful eating mangosteen fruit if …

But it needs to be considered, when you want to consume mangosteen in supplement form. A literature says that taking mangosteen supplements when you have health problems in your blood will really worsen your condition. The effect on blood is also not recommended for consumption two weeks before you take medical action.

8 Benefits of Soursop Fruit for Body Health

Who doesn’t like soursop? It tastes a little sour, the meat is chewy, but it’s very refreshing. Who would have thought this fruit has amazing benefits for health? The content contained in soursop can cure various skin problems, even said it can cure certain cancers. Wow, really? Let’s see more, a myriad of soursop fruit benefits for our body’s health.

What are the benefits of soursop fruit?

Soursop is also commonly found in South American countries. This fruit is green, the shape resembles the ‘heart’ with small spikes that are not too sharp. The taste is a combination of strawberries and pineapple, very unique. Apart from being consumed directly, this fruit can be processed into desserts, sweets and traditional medicines. Of course, you can also make this fruit as a juice or smoothies. Well, want to know what are the benefits? Here are the benefits you can get from soursop:

  • Kill parasites

It turns out that soursop has long been a popular traditional medicine in Latin America and South America. Antiparasitic and antibacterial properties can protect the body from parasitic infections, this occurs because soursop contains vitamin C.

  • Cleanses the digestive tract

In addition to the fruit, you can also use soursop leaves for treatment related to the digestive tract. The leaves can be consumed by brewing it like tea. Soursop leaves and meat can be used to cleanse the intestine, and your gastrointestinal system will be smooth. This is because soursop can stimulate diuretic hormones. Vitamin C in soursop can strengthen the body’s immunity, it’s no wonder soursop is used for years to treat scabies and dysentery. Alkaloids and quinolones, included in the anti-inflammatory component that can reduce parasites in the intestine, and reduce pain and pain in the stomach.

  • Helps heal pain

Anti-inflammatory compounds not only relieve pain in the stomach, but also relieve joint pain or inflammation such as arthritis. Pain can be relieved by rubbing soursop on a painful part of the body. Another benefit gained is increasing flexibility.

  • Relieves the respiratory tract

Soursop fruit is a suitable food to eat when you are struggling against cough, flu, or other respiratory disorders. Soursop has expectorant properties, which can be relied upon to remove phlegm and mucus, where many pathogens / viruses can live. Soursop contains ascorbic acid which can help fight free radicals and infections. In addition to reducing bacterial and viral infections, you can speed up the healing of flu and cough. In addition to the fruit, you can also use soursop fruit decoction to help heal the sinuses and relieve the throat.

  • Relieve stress

Soursop tea has been used for centuries to relieve stress. Anti-inflammatories in soursop can make someone feel calm. This is good for when you suffer from excessive stress and anxiety. You need to be free from stress, because stress hormones can damage and disrupt your metabolic system. Apart from helping to relieve stress, the calming effect can help you overcome insomnia.

  • Skin health

Soursop seeds can be used as a freshener for the skin. When you destroy soursop seeds and fruit, and apply to the skin, it can bring benefits to the skin. Soursop can reduce wrinkle lines, and reduce symptoms of skin aging. Antioxidants in soursop can rejuvenate the skin and protect your skin from bacterial infections.

  • Improve the immune system

Nutrients contained in soursop are vitamins C, B1, and B2. Vitamin C is needed by the body to maintain the body’s immune system, because these vitamins will stimulate the formation of white blood cells. These vitamins are also a type of antioxidant that can prevent chronic diseases.

  • Prevent cancer

Research reveals that soursop contains derivatives of fatty acids called annonaceous acetogenins. This compound can be linked to cancer prevention and tumor size reduction. Other studies have revealed that the content in soursop can be used as an alternative for cancer treatment. Acetogenins in soursop are thought to be able to cut abnormal cell development from the bloodstream. Often soursop is associated with one of the treatments for breast, prostate and lung cancer.

Create a Cool Outdoor Leisure Area at Home with This Unique Pergola Design

Having a large outdoor area at home does need to be utilized. Besides being surrounded by green plants and trees, it can also be a relaxing area designed in open space. Add freshness and comfort to enjoy the scenery on the home page. Surely the lounge must be equipped with a roof cover in the form of pergola. Make the area more calm and cool. Here are some unique pergola designs that can be an inspiration for your home’s relaxing area.

Placing chairs and tables near the pool has become a common thing. But by designing these areas will provide more value. By making a pergola at the end of the pool, making it a point of interest

or the main subject in an outdoor room. Palm trees on both sides provide the feel of being at a resort. Plus the seat holder is hung and can swing. So it’s more relaxed and cozy.

For the shape of the pergola this one is not only given a cover on the roof but also on the back side of the bench is also given a barrier. Wood material is very dominant in this area. Trees are placed in front of the pergola. Natural and also soothing. Minimalist construction provides an eye-catching formation.

If you don’t want a relaxed area that is too flashy, you can also apply this form of pergola. By adjusting the concept of the park, the old door was painted bright green and also brown in its structure like the color of tree trunks. Then the door placed on the side and rear of the pergola provides privacy in this area. This elevated stone floor makes the place not easily muddy or dirty when the rain soaks the garden.

Speaking of unique formations, this one design is truly flexible and attractive. The curved structure of the pergola gives an impression that is not formal and also comfortable. Cover both sides in a relaxed area. Give privacy to people who are in it.

The backyard corner can be made fun with this pergola design. The shape in the corner makes this room shaded by a triangular pergola roof. Not only the pergola is designed but also a build-in seat

make this area one unit. Add a comfortable seat cushion to enjoy this area.

Pergola can also be placed in the front area of ​​the house. In the open garage area of ​​the house. Decorated with vines on the soothing roof. Its location near the main road makes this pergola a focal point when people cross this road. Relax sitting on the porch is more cool.

The formation of the pergola in the form of a cube is indeed very beautiful and unique. Presents privacy space in the outdoor area.

The size that is also not too large will be enough to be placed in the garden of the house. This Pergola is also safe when rain comes. Can be enjoyed with a serene atmosphere to fall asleep.

Built into a single unit, this pergola design is very attractive. Lightwood material make the pergola brighter. Not only can the chair swing, the pergola is also equipped with an open shelf. This rack can be used to put a plant pot or just a cup of tea when enjoying the atmosphere of the house in the morning.

The formation of this one pergola is truly charming. The roof is equipped with a formation of circles below which are also equipped with very matching water pools.

The shadows produced by the roof lines to the floor are very beautiful and neat.

This rustic and flowering pergola does require a considerable amount of time to build it. This is because flowers need time to bloom to give a beautiful and romantic feel. But indeed the results shown are worth the wait. Also add pads that are evenly matched with this pergola.

15 Ways to Set Up a Simple and Neat Kitchen

Here are tips to make your kitchen look neat and spacious.

  1. Group kitchen equipment according to the type.

We recommend that plates, cups and cutlery be placed in one adjacent area. It would be better if it is between a serving room and a dining room, so that your mobility will be more efficient.

Likewise with pots, pans, cooking knives, kitchen spices, and the like. Place it near the stove to facilitate the cooking process.

  • Door as flat storage.

For a large pan or pan, it should be placed below so that it is easily taken. Aside from being a cupboard cover, the door can also place the lid on the lid with a flat shaped buffer.

This system is very good because you can stack the pot inside. Smaller pots can be put in a larger pan and so on. With the pot lid placed on the door, the area will be even more maximal.

  • Hidden basket

Rattan baskets are now back into a storage trend. This system can be used to store potatoes, onions and more. With a suitable hole, this basket can be lifted when refilled without you having to bend.

  • Maximize the bottom of the sink.

Sink drain pipes that turn often waste storage space. For this reason, U-shaped storage that follows space can be very effective for storing sponges, washing dishes, wipes, brushes, or soaps.

  • Goodbye, smelly garbage bin

Special drawers for trash can be an idea to avoid annoying flies and odors. This system can make your kitchen look clean, although disposing of garbage must be routine so as not to accumulate odors in the drawer.

To protect the environment, separate wet and dry waste. Save the world, starting from your home.

  • Innate cutting board innovation.

If you have decided to have a trash can in a drawer. Don’t stop there. Having a built-in cutting board with direct disposal access is innovative which is very practical. Simply push the remaining pieces of food into the hole, you no longer need to transport the garbage into the trash.

  • Pull out the swivel storage for the kitchen corner.

This stacked shelf fits perfectly at the corner of the table because it will fill the “dead” space to the maximum when the door is closed. When you pull the shelf door, this pull out swivel will come out optimally so that you have no trouble reaching inside.

  • Expand drawers

Similar to the pull out swivel concept that makes it easy for you to pick up items. When using a shelf, you usually tend to put items that are rarely used on the inside. In fact, sometimes you forget to have it because it’s not visible. Using a drawer, each corner will be easily accessible.

  • Drawer inserts.

The function of this drawer is almost the same as points number one and eight, which are grouping equipment according to type.

This system is very practical and suitable for small kitchens because it does not take up many areas but is optimal in terms of neatness, usually for spices or cooking utensils.

  • Hidden table

Dedicated to small kitchen sets, especially in apartments. Kitchen designs in apartments are usually only 3-4 square meters in size, some even smaller. Wheeled sliding tables or folding tables can transform space in an instant because it is flexible. Its function can be just as a dining table or just a preparation table.

  • Shelves above and next to the window.

Maximize the vertical area so that not all items line up to the side, then stack up. Also choose items that are displayed on the top shelf and next to the window so that it is multifunctional as a display, for example a bottle or a cute jar. If necessary, provide a ladder or stool to facilitate access. Choose a model that is interestingly designed too.

  • Space in the room.

This is a design solution that camouflage space. When you finish cooking, you can close the space and look like a normal wall. Designs like this can make your kitchen look more spacious.

  • Service area in the kitchen.

After finishing cooking, of course you need to clean the wasted debris. Putting a broom and mop in the kitchen is not a bad idea if it is packed well. No need to take up a lot of space, prepare hooks and shelves to hang brooms and mops. Usually it can be placed near the refrigerator

  • Hidden cabinet concept

This concept is perfect for modern kitchens that prioritize beauty and practicality. The New Logica System from Valcucine, for example, is specifically designed to store cookware and tap water that can be rotated and stored behind sliding doors. This system gives the kitchen a neat and clean impression.

  • The socket and cooker hood are flat tables that can be hidden for a moment when they are used.

Equipped with the latest technology, the terminal socket of the Toto Kitchen and K20 cooker hood from Boffi can be adjusted with just one touch of a finger.

Tips for Managing a Children’s Bedroom to Look Neat

Tips for Organizing Children’s Bedrooms – Children’s bedrooms are like other rooms in the house where they should be arranged as well as possible so that they are always neat. This is because the comfort of the bedroom is indeed something that is important to you. Here we present tips on arranging a child’s bedroom that is best for you!

For those of you who have a small family, you definitely want to give the best for your family. Especially for my beloved baby. Sometimes, that desire can be hampered by limitations, for example, your desire to provide the best bedroom is blocked by a small room and a divided room. In fact, your children need space to move and many places to store their goods and toys.

However, children have the right to get as good and comfortable beds as possible. A good and comfortable bedroom is of course obtained from how the arrangement in the bedroom. In this case the interior design of the bedroom is indeed needed in this one case. In arranging a child’s bedroom, of course you are required to prepare and also consider in advance in arranging a child’s bedroom.

If in the past the child’s bedroom is not used as a top priority that must be managed as well as possible. But for now, this is not something you should not miss. Of course in arranging a child’s bedroom associated with comfort and also the calmness of the child while in the room. If before, you did not make facilities that support your child’s activities, so it is time to think about how to arrange room space so that the facilities needed by children can be accommodated properly.

In arranging a child’s bedroom, of course there are lots of equipment that you must accept. This is because in arranging a child’s bedroom is not as easy as we imagine. You still have to consider as much as possible before you decide to arrange your child’s bedroom. If you consider it carefully, you will avoid things that are less desirable so that they don’t happen.

Use the Right Lighting

It is no longer a secret if lighting is a pretty important factor in managing a child’s bedroom. However, lighting is indeed enough to make your child’s bedroom look brighter. Now is not the time to use lights that are hung above, but rather on floodlights that you can use to illuminate in every corner of the room in your bedroom. In this case the lighting of the lamp is quite appropriate and also very important for the little one’s bedroom. In addition, enough lighting will make your child’s bedroom brighter.

Choose One Color

Maybe not all children like colors in one room. However, not a few children who prefer one color compared to colors. Likewise for the little bedroom where you can choose one color that is suitable for your little one. If you want to create a minimalist impression, of course you can use just one color so that your bedroom looks more simple and also calm.

In this case a calm color can certainly be chosen as the basic color when arranging a child’s bedroom. If you have found a calm base color, it’s time to combine with a darker color like brown. It would be nice if you add this additional color to the color of a blanket or pillow. This will certainly give a natural impression to your bedroom.

Take advantage of each side of the room

For those of you who have a spacious room, of course you can use every side of your child’s room. It aims to arrange the room to be more presentable. For example, you can store cabinets, study tables and cabinets on one side and parallel. While on the other hand you can save the bed. You need to know that the layout of your child’s bedroom can only be done if indeed the room has a larger room. In the sense that if your room is narrow, it’s better to arrange the furniture as best you can.

Don’t be surprised if you plan to arrange a child’s room, so your child will feel happy. Because he will get the bedroom according to his wishes. Although it is said to be not easy, but it never hurts if you try to do some tips on arranging a child’s bedroom that we will present below!

Install the Hanging Cabinet

In this case the hanging cabinet can certainly be used to store various toys for the little one. Small toys of small size can certainly be stored in this hanging cabinet. You certainly can use a basket that can be hung or stored in a closed cabinet so that your child’s bedroom looks neater. In addition, you can also equip your bedroom with colorful chandeliers to give an impression and also a bright and bright appearance.

Install the Wall Rack Above the Bed

For those of you who have a fairly narrow room, of course you can use the bed to install a wall shelf. The way you can do is certainly quite easy, just by arranging the bedroom to be neater. In addition, you can use one side of the room to store the bed at the bottom. While at the top of the bed, you can install a bookshelf or other decorations.

Beside the bed, of course you can use the space to store the study table. Providing enough space to store a study table is indeed one thing you must do. However, your child must have a comfortable place to study. While on the side of the space you can use to store a wardrobe with a minimalist size.

Add Green Plants

It cannot be denied that a comfortable bedroom for adults will also be comfortable for small children. This is by presenting green plants that can have a fresh effect on your room. In this case, green plants must have a more lively effect on your room.

However, the green plants stored in the room will give a fresh and cool feel to your bedroom. In addition, you can also use small-sized green plants to become decorations in your child’s bedroom. Adding several plants in pots such as cactus is certainly the right choice for you.

Combine Rooms with Two Colors

The next tip you can do is by combining two colors. You certainly have to choose two colors that can be matched with each other. If your child likes the basic colors like black and white. Why not combine these two colors in one room. In this case, of course, the bedroom design will be neater and also interesting to look at. If by chance the little bedroom consists of two siblings. So, it would be nice if you use the cabinet to be used as a barrier to display items or your little one’s favorite photos. In addition, you also combine other basic colors like blue and pink for girls’ rooms.

Create Wall Paintings

If your little one prefers things that smell of art, why not display a wall mural to paint and also draw what your little one wants. Of course, you can give your child the opportunity to explore his abilities in the field of fine arts. You can install this wall mural if you really have a high interest in painting. This aims to stimulate the creativity of the child to bring up new ideas about the image and also whatever they want to share.

Use Bunk Beds

Maybe many people know about this one term. However, the bunk bed here means a bed with a bed arranged vertically. Bunk beds here are more likely to refer to bunk beds. By using this bunk bed, of course you can take advantage of other space in your bedroom. These tips certainly aim to save space in the little one’s bedroom. In addition, you can also add minimalist decorations such as calm colored carpets and other wall decorations. You can also adjust the color of the bed with other furniture colors to make it look more similar.

Create a Wardrobe Under the Mattress

If you prepare a bed for your little one using a bunk bed. Of course, you can use the space at the bottom to be used as a wardrobe. For your child’s minimalist bedroom, of course you can use every room to be used properly. Likewise by utilizing space under the bunk bed to be used as a closet. Not only that, the closet here can also be used as a place to store children’s equipment or children’s toys.

Choose Little Girl’s Favorite Accessories

The room for the little one is certainly not complete if there are not some accessories that are liked by the little one. Accessories here can be hobbies and also the little one’s favorite cartoons such as soccer, cartoon characters, Barbie or princess. Inserting some accessories to store in your child’s bedroom is certainly something that is quite important to you. There is nothing wrong if you decorate your child’s room with bright, cheerful colors in accordance with the accessories that are loved by the little one. For that, make your little one’s dream room with accessories that are liked by the little one.

Make the wall jutting inward

In addition to utilizing the space available in your child’s room. Of course, you can make a wall in your child’s bedroom with a more indented shape. This method is quite easy for you to do which is enough to provide certain space in the room which is formed more indented. This is so that you can include some of your baby’s equipment to make it look neater compared to using a closet, shelf and cabinet.

Add Glow In The Dark

This one accessories is certainly preferred by small ones where even days and lights are off there are some incredible sights. At night, of course you can see various animals on the ceiling of a child’s room. Of course you can stick to the star, moon or animal glow in the dark. Besides being able to provide a bright room condition, of course this minimalist children’s bedroom looks attractive with various forms of glow in the dark. You can attach the star and moon shapes to the child’s bedroom ceiling. While you can put animal shapes on the walls of your child’s bedroom.

Lay Your Child’s Room with to-do-list

A child will certainly be more interested in things that are colored. Of course you can put up a board and a poster to stick a few sticky notes about things the child must do starting from the study schedule, doing homework as well as emoticons that can arouse the spirit of the little one. Not only is it useful for disciplining children, but it can also make a child’s bedroom a little more varied.

Install a hanger behind the door

Of course you can use the back of the door to hang some children’s clothes. Of course, this aims to make the child’s bedroom neater so that there are no clothes piled on the bed. Not only that, the rear door can also be used as a place to hang bags and also the equipment needed by the little one. Sometimes even though there is some space to hang clothes, your little one often saves anywhere. So, when we provide space to hang children’s clothes, of course children will learn to tidy up their own clothes and equipment.

Avoid Thematic Bedrooms

In general, children’s bedrooms are decorated with special themes. Of course for girls’ bedrooms decorated with pink items with typical fairy tale decorations. As for boys, you can decorate the room in blue. For rooms that are used by two people, of course you can apply a theme that is filled with accents and ornaments in it.

Provide space to play

For children’s rooms, of course you can provide space to play. For those of you who have a sizeable bedroom, of course, you can provide space as a children’s playground. The place you use certainly doesn’t have to be big, but you can also use 1mx1m for the children’s playroom. You can of course decorate the children’s playground as well as possible so that your child feels comfortable to play there.

Provide a Personal Room

If you have two children of the same age, it would be better if you have a room that is put together. This is to save the little one’s bedroom space. However, by uniting one room for two people, of course you must still provide privacy for both children. Therefore, make a partition room as a sign that the area belongs to each person. Give a kind of separator with a room divider. You certainly can distinguish it from the color of paint or the equipment in it.

For parents, of course, it is very important in decorating your child’s room. Therefore, follow the steps that we mentioned above when arranging your child’s bedroom